Warranty Policy

Category Limited Lifetime Warranty Three-year warranty Non-quality problem is not acceptable for refund
Pneumatic Sockets    
Wrenches and Spanners    
Hex Key Wrench    
Ratcheting Spanner and Ratchets    
Insulated Tools    
Bit and Bit Sockets    
Electrical Tools    
Hammers, Chisels & Levers    
Cutting and Files    
Screwdriver W/C Power Through    
Pliers W/C Cutting Edge    
Pliers With Cutting Edge    
Measuring Tools    
Manual Anti-Theft Wheel Sockets    
Mechanical Torque Wrenches    
Digital Torque Wrenches    
Pneumatic Tools    

Product Warranty Definition:

1. All products are above the DIN OR ANSI standard.
2. Limited lifetime warranty : BESITA offers free product replacement on next shipment, if breakage occurs under reasonable use. BESITA does not bear the cost of import duty, value-added tax and freight.
3. Three-year warranty: Under reasonable use, BESITA provides the vulnerable spare parts for free to repair within three years.
4. Non-quality problem is not acceptable for refund: These products normally with cutting, electrical, percussion and pneumatic function. Because there are too many variables, if not quality problem, BESITA does not provide returned service.


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